Crew Transfer Services

Andro Charter’s crew transfer services will ensure that we are on time without compromising the provision of quality services. We are extremely confident that our highly trained on-board crew will make every journey a safe one.


Andro Charters has Qualified Security Peronnel trained to patrol exclusion zones set to protect your assets. We have highly trained personnel to handle a diverse range of security tasks, who understand the importance of offshore security.


Andro Charters can aid you in searching out new assets and clarifying complex reservoir structures. We work with some of the world leaders in siesmic surveying technology and would like to help you seek out your next lucrative offshore project.

Customised Vessels

We understand that client’s will require purpose built vessels. Andro Charters can work closely with some of the world’s best shipbuilders to ensure that you get the right boat for the job.

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